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Transportation Scene by 2040

What will our transportation system look like in the year 2040? If the clues include cars that made significant impact in prior decades, then we can start looking at the impacts transportation vehicles now.

The Tesla Model S has been deemed Car of the Decade despite the decade isn't over yet. Looking back, it is a fact that it is the first none-gas car that was significant threat and led in sales among all luxury cars in many markets.

Another clue to consider is that many countries have declared they will drastically reduce ICE (internal combustable engine) cars by 2030 and probably for practically relegate them to collectibles for hobbiests.

How about self-driving cars? I am not too optimistic about complete autonomous vehicles sharing roads with human drivers any time soon, or ever. Unless there is dedicated lanes and road exchanges like many carpool langes, computerized cars will definitely get bullied. No company will put out aggressive driving cars due to high liabilities for such behavior.. While Tesla has a Mad Max Mode being tested, Elon Musk was quoted about cars being bullied. But it could work in the skies since new routes and flying regulations at low altitudes have to be in place. I see it accommodate autonomous piloting more than letting humans "drive".

Other Elon Musk initiations in transportation are also gaining traction, including Hyperloop in China and the Boring Company as various cities, like Chicago, are starting to make trial commitments.

How about the drones? Inventions like Ehang, Airbus/Italdesign, and VTOL have or will begin soon trials. Will we soon see low flying vechicles like The Jetsons and many other movies and TV shows as portrayal of a possible future in transportation?



Whatever the scene will look like in 2040 in our major cities, I am hoping that it will be for the better, not a dystopian 2040 depicted by the book (and now the movie) ready Player One That in itself, is another Future 2040 topic!

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Life-long software professional and technologist with interest in consumer technology, IoT, location-based services, social networking, security, and artificial intelligence.

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