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Nevermind self driving cars. We need self steering motorcycles!

BMW showcased a prototype motorcycle with Automatic Riding Assistant system on its R 1200 GS at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Here's is a video of it:

BMW Motorrad Riding Assistant at CES

I can see riders enjoy eating donut in one hand, while scrolling through social media posts on the smart phone on the other hand. And.. get this, still have the total open air experience!

Or, in the future it may be more practical as the "autonomous vehicle" to deliver pizza, groceries or Amazon packages. It can certainly navigate better thorugh narrow streets of most urban cities in the World. But one little problem: it's likely to arrive without the goods because nothing to stop anyone from taking them while the bike is stopped at an intersection!

Regardless, kudos for BMW to experiment with this. Maybe uber or lyft want to add it to its fleet in addition (or instead of) cars. It's definitely spookier to see someone at the backseat of a motorcycle without a driver than seen a car without driver these days. But I wouldn't surprise it becomes a reality in a decade or two.

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